Deleting the Undeleteable

Have you received the error message “This is no longer located in ….” in the past but you know for a fact that the file or folder is where it claims it is not?

I’ve had this frustrating error occur multiple times since switching to Windows 7 (upgraded from Windows XP, where I encountered this problem maybe once or twice in roughly 10 years.)

After many Google searches and digging through troll-filled Help forums and Tech blogs, I have come across a solution. I’m hoping this page surfaces as an easy “go to guide” for solving the problem.

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Links for SEO

This post is “part 2″ of my Web Design Links post. Here’s some of my bookmarks for SEO tools and other useful SEO related pages. This is by no means a complete list, I’ve been very careful not to overload this page with “more of the same” – each tool here serves a different purpose, few are alike, and all are worth bookmarking.

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Smashing Avatar Redesign

I’ve been pretty busy the last 6 weeks with several high priority tasks and unfortunately, that means my personal blogging is at the end of my task list.  I’ve got posts I’ve been working on, one specifically about gamification and how easy it is to test the waters before investing real capital into a gamified system for your business / website. They will have to wait for another day though!

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Scrapebox’s Hidden Treasures for SEO

Scrapebox has been getting a good buzz lately from some of the traditional, “white hat” SEO blogs that I follow. I’ve been using Scrapebox for 2 or 3 years now and have picked up on a lot of advanced tactics which people seem to either forget about, or haven’t quite figured out.
This post will let you know why Scrapebox should be in your SEO toolkit… 6 months ago! Scrapebox is really an SEO switchblade, packing more than 10 different tools within.
Attention! At the end of this blog post, I’ll show you how to get this $97 piece of software for only $57!

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Chase the Footprint

Over the last few weeks I’ve been slowly hacking away during my free time (which barely exists as many of you might already know) at a new link building tool, nay, a link discovery tool! To be honest, I spent the last week purely trying to develop a name for the tool and adding to the list of features for version 2.0. Yesterday I was finally able to name and launch my creation. It’s called Chase the Footprint and there’s a few reasons as to why I’ve named it this. More on it’s name and what it does after the jump.

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Moving Apps to the SD Card, Samsung Galaxy Precedent

And now for something different! It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged over here. Things have been a bit busy between my business’s blog, working on websites for local businesses, housework, and playing Skyrim. I did however find this blog post to be important to include because I spent the better part of the last 3 days looking for information on how to accomplish such a task. In general the subject has been taunting me for several weeks now, probably since sometime in October. Aftering seeing how easy this was to accomplish, I hope to help others in the same situation as me.

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