An Interesting Inside Look at Google Search

Google recently released a video explaining how the algorithm updates occur. Anyone working in the search engine optimization industry should be already a bit familiar with the contents of this video, but for people just entering the SEO world, you may find this video to be helpful, as they provide a real life example of an algorithm update from the recent past. It’s also interesting to hear that last year they had released over 500 algorithm updates. That’s a lot of engineering and testing!

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New Update to Google SERPs?

I’m not sure if this is new or I’ve just never come across it yet. It seems if Google detects a website has a flash introduction, they provide you a link to “Skip Intro” – you can see a screenshot below. Next to the first link in the SERPs you’ll notice a [Skip Intro] on I’m a bit curious to know if anyone else has noticed this. I could also be completely late to the game with this one as I rarely visit/develop sites with flash introductions.
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Google Pushing Social

So at the beginning of the month I made a post about how Google released it’s plus one button for Websites. This button is now showing itself globally on the SERPs over at Google as of a day or two ago.  Only time can tell if Google’s plan will execute well. I suspect that it’ll work out well, despite the large negative attitudes of many online marketers, SEOs, Social media fanatics, and developers.  The +1 button is just like any other button except it’s for Google.  Every other button has shown some level of success, and with Google taking social signals from sites like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, it would only make sense for them to have their own internal social signal.If you don’t care about the Google +1 button, this post may still interest you. June has been a busy month for Google, and with June just about over, this “round up” post will give you the need-to-knows about the search Giant.

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Google+ Button For Your Website

It can be pretty difficult to keep up with all of the neat little buttons and widgets that third party websites provide. Twitter has recently added their own Twitter Follow button on top of all their old options for website integrations. Facebook has it’s Like button, Share button, and even a Send button. Reddit offers Vote Up and Vote Down buttons, and Digg offers their own “Digg It” button. It was only a matter of time for Google to make another attempt at social sharing (because Google Buzz’s “BUZZ IT” button flat out sucks.)
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Spammers, Spammers, Spammers!

It’s hard to believe some of the comments that try to sneak past as “not spam”. For those who don’t know, the reason people spam blogs is to obtain links back to their website. Most bloggers won’t experience a heavy amount of spammers, but if you end up on a “list” somewhere on the Internet, you may get bombarded by spam comments on a daily. One of my blogs gets over 100 spam comments a day, thank God for Akismet! Akismet is a free comment spam prevention plugin that comes pre-packaged with WordPress. Make sure you have an API key or it won’t function properly (or at all).

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Book Review: SEO Secrets by Danny Dover

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Secrets by Danny Dover is an excellent read for both beginning SEOs and advanced SEOs. From a technical stand point, even if you know “everything there is to know” about SEO, you will most likely walk away with a lot of new knowledge from this book. Danny Dover goes into great details of many aspects of SEO, not just the actual optimization of a website. Topics include: SEO Tools, SEO Site Audits, SEO Conference “Need to Knows” – a little bit of everything is touched upon.

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Amazon’s Kindle 3G, My Review

I recently bought an Amazon Kindle 3G ($189.99) and so far I love it. I have decided to discontinue the use of my Netbook and moved on to an Amazon Kindle. I know some (most, maybe even all), of you are thinking how can an e-Reader replace an entire computer?

It may seem like an odd alternative to some, but the Kindle packs a hard punch where it counts! Keep on reading to find out what were the major deciding factors which swayed me towards the Amazon Kindle instead of the many other e-Readers and Tablets available.

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Host Your Own URL Shortening Service

Today I will cover why you should consider hosting your own URL Shortening service. The purpose of this post is to provide information to those looking to get started without investing any time or money developing their own custom programmed URL shortening service. Not all of us need an advanced service to share our URLs, many of us just want a bit more control, maybe a fancy looking panel with statistics about the links we share. There’s no reason to recreate the wheel here. I’m going to show you how to get up and running before that new sexy short domain is even in your hosting account.

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SEO is Like a Great Video Game

We all take on different roles. Each role serves a purpose in our interactions with our surroundings. We classify ourselves as many different things, but we are typically careful on what “tags” we pull out of the bag depending on the situation. In the earlier days of the online social networking, people were not as careful when dumping out their bag. Today we’ve learned to use a bit of strategy when creating online profiles and deciding which “tags” to apply to the public eye.
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40 Simple Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

Below are 40 tips of how to increase traffic to your blog. They are all fairly simple and range from being low/no tech skill required upwards to having some basic programming experience. With a bit of patience and creatively, you too can be building traffic to your website in a natural and organic way that fits your personality best. Being yourself on the Internet will bring the most success to any type of campaign you decide to peruse (be it blogging, link building, affiliate/Internet marketing, social media, and probably a few other things I’ve completely overlooked as I rush to get this post up).

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