Google Wallet: One Card Rules All

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Google Wallet is about to take a step outside of your smartphone and into your wallet, literally! A physical, Google Wallet card is coming out sooner than later and there’s all sorts of speculation about what new features are to follow.

Imagine being able to program your card to withdraw money or credit from specific accounts based on a simple IF statement.

Google Wallet Physical Card

Example of Possible Usage:

If you’re shopping at a recognized place, use a specific card.
An example would be, if you’re at Lowes, then Google Wallet should use your Lowe’s Credit Card. If funds are not available, default back to primary credit card (or wherever you specify.)

You could also tell it to use a different payment source based on the total size of the transaction.
So for those situations where you’re just buying a few dollars worth of stuff, you can tell your card to pay via debit. For those bigger purchases, have the credit card handle it.

I’m curious to know what other predictions or wild ideas people have about the upcoming physical Google Wallet card. Please let me know in the comments section below.

Warning: This blog post is based on creative theory, I have done no patent researching. I just see new technologies, and let my mind run with the “What Ifs” of it all.

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