10 Awesome Sets of Social Icons

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Social Icons are a must-have for any website built in modern times. If you recently had a site developed and it lacks any social icons, you should really be asking yourself why. If you aren’t on any social network, it still make sense to add certain icons – such as sharing icons. If you’re too stubborn to sit down and admit that having a social media presence is important, you should at least give your viewers an easy option for sharing your content on their preferred networks (or pick some out, based on who your target audience is). Such icons could include Yelp (to get some reviews for your business), Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Flickr, and Reddit (if you dare!) After the jump you’ll find a collection of some of the coolest, free social icons I’ve found on the Internet.


1. Origami Social Icons

Origami social icons
Very unique feel and overall is a concept I haven’t seen before. Origami social icons definitely aren’t for every day use, but I could see how putting these on the right website could really help tie together the design.


2. Fairly Unique Social Icons

unique social icons
These fairly unique social icons break the mold from traditional icons. Rather than having them uniformed by a background. Think about all those circular or square icons you see that seem to “fit together nicely” – these go completely the opposite direction


3. Hand Drawn Social Icons

Hand drawn social icons
Hand drawn social icons that just a more personal feel to them. They are definite eye catchers and could really help make a site’s extras stand out a bit more compared to using generic icons (like I do!)


4. Wooden Social Icons

Wooden Social icons
Wood social icons for all you carpenters out there! I honestly couldn’t see myself using these on any woodworker’s website, but someone obviously liked the idea enough to make them for some project.


5. 3D Social Icons

3d social icon set
3D social icons are pretty nifty and can give off a real unique feel on your site when compared to a flat set of icons. I wouldn’t use these in everyday design, but there are certainly some good opportunities to use these.


6. Candy Social Icons

Candy social icons
Delicious, tasty, candy social icons! A few of these social icons would be great on any website, not just for food-related topics. The YouTube icon is especially nice looking.


7. Woven Fabric Social Icons

Woven social icons
Woven fabric social icon set for those crafty people who want a crafty icon set!


8. Artistic Social Icons

Oil Paint social icons
Artistic social icons, maybe an oil painting style icons? I’m not really sure how to classify this set, even though I went to art school I barely paid any attention to minor details like that.


9. Panda Social Icons

Panda social icon
Panda social icons are just outrageous. Why did someone create these? I have no clue but I am eager to find a creative and legitimate way to use these. Maybe serve them up with a Google Panda update blog post? We’ll see!


10. Drinking Social Icons

Drinking Icons
Grab a drink! These icons are quite refreshing and beat the hell out of the generic soda icons I’ve seen floating around the past few years


Not Quite Social Icons, But Still Cool

Futurama icons
While searching for shiny golden coins for another project of mine, I came across a pretty awesome icon set, it’s not for social networking but I thought it was worth sharing. Apparently there is a Futurama icon set available on the Web now, pretty high quality too!


Generic Social Icons

This one may not be as special, but I felt the need to share it anyway. If you need a reliable source for generic social icons or a good place to search for an icon set, check out Icon Finder.

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  1. Good entry Dan. Great set of social icons you found. I especially like the artistic ones… Im really thinking about using them on my site– though, I really like the worn peeled stickers I am using now.