Fixing the Chrome Redirect Loop

This webpage has a redirect loop

Have you come across a website that causes Google’s Chrome browser to spit out an error message like this one?

After fighting with Chrome for several weeks and countless Google searches, I’ve found a few answers to why this message shows up on websites. For me it was only occurring on, a site that’s far to powerful to give up using. I actually ended up switching back to Firefox until I found a solution to this problem.

The most obvious solution to this error is to clear your brower’s cache and cookies “from the beginning of time” – this quick and easy fix will work for a majority of people experiencing “This webpage has a redirect loop” error. However if you are in the minority, like I was, this solution definitely isn’t going to work for you.

This webpage has a redirect loop

Luckily, there’s an even easier and more practical solution to the problem! The answer may lay within your computer’s settings, not your browser! I don’t know why this would only affect Chrome’s browsing experience on only some websites, I’m not a software engineer nor do I pretend to be. Anyway, the solution was as simple as going into my clock/calender settings and making sure the timezone, current time, and current date are 100% accurate. I would assume time just needs to be within a reasonable amount of accuracy (within an hour for safely maybe?)

Maybe it’s something to do with how Open Site Explorer (and other select sites) handle cookies, maybe it’s not. If you know more about this, please fill me in so I can add it to this post and give you some type of credit.

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  1. You are correct that the problem relates to the date & time which your computer is set. But it’s even a tad more complex than that. With the time change, and the fact that our government seems to want to move the date when daylight savings time begins and ends, you not only need to adjust your time, but also make sure the button under “Time Zone” is also properly clicked where it reads “Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes.” Make sure when you hit APPLY, the time doesn’t move forward (or back) for an hour.

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