So what DO you do?

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This is a question I’m often asked by my friends, family, online associates and clients. The answer to this simple question is anything but that.  My typical “work days” consist of drinking freshly brewed coffee in my home office at 8.. 9.. 9:45 while checking my different email accounts and random web stats. My work day begins shortly after this, where I develop websites for private clients, perform SEO tasks on my own websites, and dive into search engine optimization and social media news on websites such as SEO Moz, Sphinn, and Mashable. You’ll also find me lurking around on Digg, Reddit, and several Internet marketing forums.

My websites

Some more self-promotional facts about myself, because they were bound to be said eventually, so why not get it out early on? The main focus of my work goes towards my client’s websites and Internet needs, but I always have a fallback plan for when there is no work to be done for my clients. I have been working on Old School Apps, an abandonware gaming site with a side of gaming news & articles for nearly two years now. This website is what got me to focus and learn Joomla (an open source content management system). Another website I run is Camping Advice Blog, a dedicated outdoors blog running on WordPress. This website is a collection of articles from professional contributors from around the World. Some of the authors spend their time living in and writing about the outdoors professionally. At this point, this site is more of a back burner project of mine that will probably steam out and die in a few years. I don’t like to admit that I’m purposely working on a project I plan to scrape, but that’s the truth of it. Besides those two websites, I also have a series of microsites I run promoting third party products and services.

My work

Besides creating and running my own websites, I am also a freelance Web Developer with SEO and Social Media experience. I’ve been freelancing for several years now and have worked with clients of all nature, if you are seeking a freelance web designer, consider checking out my portfolio for some of my work but also contact me with specifics as my portfolio doesn’t list all of my work.

My “Play”

A lot of my free time is spent developing my own sites, but I also enjoy a good game here and there. I mostly stick with the classic games but am willing to check out newer titles when they come highly recommended. Besides for playing games, I also do a lot of movie watching. Once moving to Albany, we decided to skip out on getting digital cable or satellite TV. We’ve been streaming Netflix TV shows and movies ever since it became available. This has definitely increased my productivity (I use to be guilty of leaving the TV on far to long or watching really bad reality TV “just because it was on”).

That just above sums this up, I do plan on making a shift from personal to professional in this blog overtime, involving more topics about search engine optimization and social media news, technique discussions, and tips.

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  1. Good article Dan, this is a major hurdle (even in today’s world) to get people to understand that doing things online is actually a job. What’s more, is it does involve stress, joys and pains, something the general public haven’t quite understood yet.