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Welcome to my website. As you already know, my name is Dan and I'm a web designer. Let me tell you a bit more about myself. I'll keep it brief, I promise.

I first connected to the Internet in the mid 1990s and have been unable to escape it since. I built my first website in 1997 and started freelancing in 2004. I'm fortunate to have found something early on in life that translated into a career.

Today, I run a web design company with my wife in Colonie, NY. Bocain Designs works with small businesses near and far. We operate a top seller account on Fiverr, a digital marketplace for services.

Web Design & Audit Services

Web Design and Development Process

Web Design and Development

I have been a professional web designer since 2004. I currently focus on developing WordPress websites for small businesses. Like many others, I have found WordPress websites to be a powerful platform for small business owners because of it's diversity and it's ability to deliver a high quality user experience.

I have been working with WordPress for nearly a decade and have worked on hundreds of WordPress websites in my career. I have built your typical small business websites many times, but I have also built several online community websites, web directories, professional blog and podcast sites.

Website Usability Testing

Website Usability Testing

I have been offering website usability tests and audit services since 2012. I have completed over 1,000 usability tests on Fiverr alone. My clients have ranged from hobby-bloggers to renowned Colleges and Universities.

My usability tests focus on the user experience, the design interface, mobile experience, cross-device compatibility, on-page SEO, site speed, and a thorough content analysis. I check for website accessibility concerns too along with providing suggestions on how to overcome them. My audits cover reviewing your websites on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux operating systems and today's top web browsers.

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